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Hey there! My name’s Jennifer Sundqvist, my friends call me Jen (or Henhen if you’re one of the crazy girls in my rugby team). I recently turned 30 (gasp – how did that happen!?) and live in southern Stockholm.

I’m currently unemployed, but dreaming of one day combining my passion (some say obsession) for rugby with my love of social media. I suppose I already do that in the capacity of my volunteer roles with the Swedish Rugby Union, my club Stockholm Exiles RFC, and our annual tournament the Stockholm Tens. But I mean I’d like to eventually do all that and actually get paid for it.

Having grown up as a Third Culture Kid in Singapore and Hong Kong, I have an ingrained love of travel and living abroad. Most recently I spent six years in the friendly nation of New Zealand.

This being an unusual forum to talk about myself for a bit, I might as well put it out there (as it NEVER comes up naturally in conversation) that I was a London 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer. Easily the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Feel free to ask me about it so I have a legitimate excuse to talk about it some more.

I just rounded off the 2014 rugby season by making my international debut against the Netherlands in the Swedish women’s 30th jubilee match this past Saturday (Oct 18th), so please bear with me this week as I nurse my bruises and sprains, and suffer through rugby withdrawal.

When I’m not posting as @sweden, you can find me tweeting here: @JenSundqvist.

@Sweden oktober 25, 2014 08:09

Had a strange dream. Something about a pimped out bus, a violin playing driver, the bus being picked up by the wind and saving on toll money

@Sweden oktober 24, 2014 17:10

Love that the simple pleasure of reading fiction can also be educational, or at least expand ones vocabulary. Word of the day: perspicacity.

@Sweden oktober 21, 2014 11:52

The ”perks” of unemployment are few and far between, but being able to sleep in late and have brunch on a weekday is definitely one.