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Hi! I’m Per Häggqvist with 55 years’ of life experience. This week I will have the honor to be your @sweden curator on twitter (other weeks @golfkocken)! I live in the south west of Sweden in the city of Falkenberg, together with Agneta. We have 6 grown up kids from earlier relationships.
I see my life up until now in three parts – my childhood, the IT years and the present.
I have a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in business administration. My cooking skills are acquired “along the road” with various practical training and some formal education as well. During my years in IT I travelled the world, experiencing many different cultures and enjoying their food for 15 years!

Food, cooking, eating and agricultural raw commodities are my passions and have always been! Alas, some 10 years ago I decided to go ”all in”. For 5 years I’ve been running a small restaurant at a country side golf club. We also provide lodging with 50 beds and expanding. We serve lunch every day, breakfast and dinner almost every day.

Over the years I have become more and more concerned about animal welfare and the food we eat.
My week as @sweden, I will tweet about my passion for food and cooking and my daily activities at the restaurant. I like to discuss the food industry, animal welfare, ecological food. I would love to hear your views on these matters and how deal with them in your country. And why not also exchange some exciting recepies!?

When I’m not curating @sweden, I am @golfkocken (thegolfchef) at twitter and Instagram. You can follow my restaurant at Facebook and our golfclub online.

Do I play golf? Yes, occasionally but I have very little time. Hcp approx. 10.

@Sweden september 22, 2014 15:55

To all of U: it’s kind of hard to publish recipes on twitter due to the limitations. I will find a way for that during the week.

@Sweden september 22, 2014 15:06

Feel free to ask anything about Swedish gastronomy and eating habits! Have still not had the request for the recipe for meatballs!

@Sweden september 22, 2014 14:16

To be able to hunt you need land approved for moose hunting and a hunters license. There are 300 000 licensed hunters in Se. 5% are woman.

@Sweden september 22, 2014 09:49

Among other dishes we are preparing Fläskkarré – pork collar. Slowcooked. To be sliced and then tb gratinated with mushroom stew and cheese