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My name is Kent Wisti and I am a minister in the Church of Sweden, artist, and also a political cartoonist. I will handle the @swedenaccount this week.

I work in a parish in Malmö, the south Sweden but I live in Lund. Thera are about 20 km between the cities.
I was born and raised in Älmhult where the mothership of IKEA is.

A very small town but the origin of IKEA and one can probably say that everything in Älmhult in one way or another are linked to IKEA. It was probably just me and a handful of other children in the whole school when I was a child who had at least one parent who did not at IKEA.

In addition Älmhult, Malmö and Lund, I have lived in Växjö and Gothenburg. Gothenburg is my absolute favorite city in Sweden.

Some wonder how it works to have three such different roles as minister, cartoonist and artist. I rather see difficulties to keep them apart. A known Swedish theologian, Per-Erik Persson expressed that the ministers’s task is to help people with the strength to live and the dare to die. I think so as well. I also believe that it is exactly the same task as the artists, and the two roles coincide thereby helping humans to manage to live and dare to die. Perhaps the clergy is the ultimate artistic discipline. I also see the humor and comedy as something that is very close and sometimes coincides with spirituality and faith. Being able to look oneself and the world through play.

I’ll probably be tweeting something about the religious life in Sweden, the soul of Sweden and translate some of my satire cartoons and share with you. Perhaps a few words on what it means to be human.
Sometimes I get bored. I usually take down Twitter an destroy it completely. Or manufacture news. We’ll see what happens.

One thing — my english is really lousy. That will be fun for all of us.

@Sweden augusti 23, 2014 00:03


@Sweden augusti 22, 2014 22:47

Well, goodnight God. We pray for all refugees in the world. Give them strength and hope. Open our hearts and eyes. We are all refugees. Amen

@Sweden augusti 22, 2014 20:34

The old grumpy hippie used to tell funny stories in a TV-show. Not that funny. Not at all. But every jämte was LOL:ing their jämt asses.

@Sweden augusti 22, 2014 17:38

- there will be a lot of protest actions. I urge all the activists to use a non violent strategy. Let’s be careful out there.

@Sweden augusti 22, 2014 17:35

have an open event. People are upset and there are a lot of antiracist activists that plan to block the square for the event. -

@Sweden augusti 22, 2014 17:33

A few months ago left wing supporters and activists were badly beaten by nazis in Malmö. One of them nearly died. Tomorrow the nazis will-

@Sweden augusti 21, 2014 23:47

Well, goodnight God. We thank you for the gift of laughter. Give us humour to fight oppressors like lowe self-esteem and moralists. Amen

@Sweden augusti 21, 2014 22:21

In every man there is a loneliness, an alienation where no other reaches. These three words- in every man- forms a temple and a belonging.

@Sweden augusti 21, 2014 21:57

Actually- what we roasted in church that night wasn’t God. It was our vain images of God. We laughed at our fear for God. Like in a mirror.

@Sweden augusti 21, 2014 21:44

In a tribute to him and as a statement in the theological discussion I arranged a roasting of God in a church in Malmö some years ago.-

@Sweden augusti 21, 2014 21:42

- fire. When they had grilled him for 30 minuites he said; ”ok, you can flip me over. I am well done on this side” *drumroll*

@Sweden augusti 21, 2014 21:40

- firefighters and comedians. He was quit a funny guy himself. He was killed in rome with the execution method that they grilled him over a-

@Sweden augusti 21, 2014 21:38

- you a good story about the saint of the diocese of Lund. S:t Laurencius, or S:t Lars as we call him is the patron for chefs, bakers-

@Sweden augusti 21, 2014 21:16

I had two funerals today. I really like service at funerals. Life comes very close near to death, and love comes close near to greef.

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 23:35

Once I broke Twitter totaly. I copyed and pasted tweets from well known twitters, copyed their avatars and changed constantly. Chaos.

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 22:49

So- now I will show you how swedish celebrities tweets Happy new year greetings. And the best part- you can greet them back!! Let’s go!

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:47

Do you want to know all about swedish media? I might have a really special edition for you from som friends to me that writes about media.

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:35

- But it’s a great synopsis for a film. Bengt Alsterlind manages to drown every chinese in the world in Vänern. Except one- Jackie Chan!

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:33

- Later it struck to me what a sick idea that is, and what a psykopath Bengt Alsterlind must be. Why stuff Vänern with chinese people?!-

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:31

- Sweden. He claimed that if you put all the chinese people in the world in Vänern they would not fill the lake. We were all impressed.-

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:30

- and he used to be host on a popular TV-show for kids. He was bragging about Värmland and the lake Vänern which is the deepest lake in -

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:28

- in the middle of Sweden. For a surprise one evening they had a swedish celebrity telling about Värmland. His name is Bengt Alsterlind-

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:27

Now this I’ve been thinking about sometime- came up again today in the pit: some years ago I was at a conference in Karlstad in Värmland-

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:19

Actually – this is not a bit interesting for you ,is it? Wow, did you read Sweden yesterday? It was about toads in a limestone pit!!

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 21:18

In the pit today you can find foxes, deers, eagles, owls and toads. Very rare toads. Thats why no one is allowed to build in there.

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 20:04

Btw- this is not the place that means a lot to me I promised to tell you about. This is a huge hole. A fascinating huge hole.

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 19:59

And if you grab a paper and a pencil- there are now a rich fauna in the huge hole. I guess there is a good english word for ”dagbrott” .

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 19:57

You know the base for the Jesus statue in Rio? Thats made out of limestone from Limhamn. We are very proud. Let us stay that way.

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 19:53

Today I’ve been deep down in a huge hole were they use to dig limestone. Thats why that part of Malmö is called Limhamn. Hamn= harbour.

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 19:52

Hey, wazzup? No, actually I am not that cool. Forget it. More like this- I have been absent from Twitter for a while. What did I miss?

@Sweden augusti 20, 2014 08:28

Every man should have a pride parade,where she lifts her shadow like a sail n march over her shame. Oh, how beautifully the orchestra plays.

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 23:21

Well,goodnight God.For those who will be born tonight. Give them vitality and courage. For those who will die tonight. Give them peace. Amen

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 19:19

Actually we are going to do something serious. I will take you to a place that means a lot to me. It’s about dignity, you and me. Tomorrow.

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:31

- the body and cried out ”WTF?!?! IT IS FET-MATS” and it was. The old lady was of course his fiancee who never got married. The minerals-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:29

- day or two and no one recognized the body. It was a mysteri. They took it to the towns square. Then a very very very very old lady saw-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:27

- In the year of 1719 they found a body in the mine. The body was intact and so to say ”fresh”. It looked like its just been there for a-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:25

- well, ten years later the mine collapsed. Like a miracle nobody was hurt. This was a midsummers day and the mine was empty. -

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:20

- a few days when Fet-Mats suddenly disappered. Margareta was of course devestated. The whole city of Falun talked about it and said that-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:16

- sausages is red as well and the meet in it is made from the horses that worked in the mine. Not now aday. Now the make the sausages-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:13

- I don’t know. But the rockers of Dalarna are that huge that their fingers are in the size of Falu sausages. And they are really big. -

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:12

- copper mine of Falun. Falun is mostly famous for its red paint and from its sausages. That could be why he was fat. To much falu sausage-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:10

- nickname Fet-Mats because he was fat. Fet means fat in swedish. But again, he was not a rocker. He worked as a miner in the great-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:08

- Fet-Mats wasn’t a rocker. He was a miner and grew up in Svärdsjö in Dalarna. His real name was Mats Israelson but he was given the-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:04

- the rockers are huge. They are big and strong like horses and drink booze they brewed themself from 25 litres plastic barells. Well-

@Sweden augusti 19, 2014 10:02

The story takes it place in the county of Dalarna, well known for its rockers and painted wooden horses. I won’tell you more about that but-

@Sweden augusti 18, 2014 23:01

Well, goodnight then, God-you who has a thousand names. A prayer for those who wake up when the sun comes up now. Give them hope. Amen

@Sweden augusti 18, 2014 22:45

As far as I know know the ”caking” was a protest against the partys concervative standing in HBTQ-issues. In their perspective.

@Sweden augusti 18, 2014 22:40

But actually we have, for being such a small country, had to much violence and murders of politicians. Maybe thats we people react.

@Sweden augusti 18, 2014 22:37

On Saturday nazis will have an open meeting on a town square in Malmö. That is a threat against democracy. That I know for sure.

@Sweden augusti 18, 2014 11:00

Today 19 years ago a swedish boy was killed by nazis. We will never forget you, John Hron. We will never stop our resistance.

@Sweden augusti 18, 2014 10:36

I was born and raised i Älmhult, the mothership of IKEA. Did you know that it is just two men who makes all the furnitures? Amazing men!

@Sweden augusti 18, 2014 09:40

- That is what they WANT you to belive. What ”fika” really means is att traditional slaughter of kittens. 2-3 kittens each fika.

@Sweden augusti 18, 2014 09:38

First of all- let’s make some things clear. The word ”fika”. Former curators told you that fika is coffee n cinemon rolls. Well, follow me-