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My name is Camilla Lindberg (or Lindbergh with an h if you ask my dad, who insists I should spell it that way when I’m being ”international” since everyone will think I’m related to Charles Lindbergh and give me free stuff). I’m 31 years old, a freelance photographer living in Gothenburg with my boyfriend Linus and a ton of visiting cats and dogs that I take care of from time to time for friends and sometimes strangers, because I just love them so much, it’s starting to feel a bit creepy. Or maybe just childlike. I prefer not to analyze it.

I’ve been living in Sweden since 2002 but I only just recently became a Swedish citizen. It was important to me to be able to vote in the election, to be one more vote not going to the xenophobic parties. I grew up in Finland on a small, small, small Island called The Aland Islands (we tell ourselves it’s internationally known as ”The Islands of Peace” but I have no idea if that’s actually true or just something the grown ups tell the teenagers so they’ll feel less bored about growing up within a population of 27 000).

When I’m not working as a photographer I like to travel around the Gothenburg archipelago and stare at cute little houses and hate on lion’s mane jellyfish. But that’s in the summer, so when autumn comes I stay indoors getting swept away by almost every TV series there is. At the moment holding my breath until Puberty Blues returns. If it doesn’t return I’ll die and it will be your fault Australia :(.

I tend to tweet mostly about everyday life and things I overhear people talking about. I also take a lot of pictures, of course! When I’m not a Sweden curator you’ll find me as @camillapetra and if you want to look at some of my photos you can find them at


@Sweden september 17, 2014 20:46

An older man asked us today which school we go to? Apparently he thought we were in the 9:th grade… That’s not even a compliment, right?

@Sweden september 17, 2014 13:38

Creepy in the sense that it feels almost like visiting a cult. But I’m from a small island myself so I should probably be quiet :)

@Sweden september 17, 2014 13:37

We went to Donsö, one of the islands where people live throughout the year. Sooo cute and weird little houses here, but also a bit creepy.

@Sweden september 17, 2014 13:36

Went to the Gothenburg archipelago today, to try and shove some more summerlike memories into our brains while we still can. *shooooving*

@Sweden september 16, 2014 21:29

I asked my boyfriend about a grammar rule. He aswered ”I don’t know mathematics” which made sense, I thought. None of us know mathematics.

@Sweden september 16, 2014 21:17

Experiencing some agerelated anxiety when watching The Fosters and ”Jack” from Dawson’s Creek plays the FATHER of the main charachter :(

@Sweden september 16, 2014 19:58

Just outside of my apartment is a graveyard where two badgers live. Like living in a Disney movie! Although I’ve only seen them while drunk.

@Sweden september 16, 2014 14:55

One person just wrote ”mor” which means ”mother”. I’m angry he/she squandered the vote, but still a bit touched about that one

@Sweden september 16, 2014 12:53

I would like to invent and sell a vacuum cleaner that runs solely on the self-righteousness of the one doing the vacuuming. Who’s with me?!

@Sweden september 15, 2014 21:56

How is it possible to snore sooo loud and not be awaken by it yourself? The sound is IN YOUR head, and it’s making the walls tremble. HOW?

@Sweden september 15, 2014 13:22

I live on the bottom floor. At the moment that means listening to a car stereo so loud I’m basically elevating off of the floor.

@Sweden september 15, 2014 13:10

A manifestation against racism, fascism and the sweden democrats will be held today at 5pm in both Stockholm and Gothenburg ❤️

@Sweden september 15, 2014 10:00

I woke up with a hole in my stomach, I have friends that are starting to fear for their lives and I wish 13% could take their votes back.

@Sweden september 15, 2014 09:55

But right now I can’t tweet any further without first saying today is a very shameful day for Sweden. 13% have voted on a racist party.