Jenny Theolin
was @Sweden (2015-03-02 to 2015-03-09)

Hello, my name is Jenny Theolin. I’m a creative director, curator and producer specialising in the visual arts, music and culture.

After 14 years in London and a lifetime abroad, I have recently moved to Stockholm – alongside my sidekick Miss Mustard Explosion The Cat (AKA Senap for short). I currently head up Soapbox & Sons, an agency specialising in brand and experience, with curation thrown in to the mix – and we are planning many fun things ahead.

One of which is #GlugStockholm, one of the most exciting, credible and well-attended creative events around the world. Keep an eye out for the big launch on 19 March.

I speak at various schools, events and conferences and am an active writer. I have debated topics on BBC Radio and been filmed for BBC News, written opinions for Design Week and Creative Bloq – and covered creative events for Digital Arts Magazine. I’m also published in David Airey’s book Work For Money, Design For Love and soon to be in Steven Brower’s Becoming a Successful Art Director.

The first 21 years of my life I flew on a diplomatic passport, and I have had the privilege to live in seven different countries. Since starting out my life as a toddler in Tokyo, graduating with an IB in Istanbul and commencing my creative career in London, my life includes many stories and thrills. I am also one-eighth Sami with a Lappish heritage. This week as @sweden will be fun!

@Sweden mars 6, 2015 15:56

Tomorrow’s activities inc. cycling, a #GoT expo and a San Francisco-themed party. Sunday is Int. Woman’s Day, and my last as your curator.

@Sweden mars 6, 2015 15:54

Looking forward to a quiet evening doing bike maintenance and netflixing tonight. Yesterday’s adventure swim and cinema knocked me out!

@Sweden mars 6, 2015 09:58

Generally there are SO many people I’d like to introduce you to, but not many use Twitter over here. It’s Insta and FB. I’ll have them wave!

@Sweden mars 5, 2015 11:31

I will be doing a snapshot/highlights blog post of my week as your curator, be great to get some feedback! Don’t hold back now. ;)

@Sweden mars 5, 2015 09:39

Having said that, thanks to our parents keeping traditions, and being generally awesome, we are all very close.

@Sweden mars 4, 2015 13:19

After Tokyo, Rome, Boston, Vienna, Istanbul & London, I’ve finally moved home. I’ve represented Sweden my whole life, now I get to live it.

@Sweden mars 2, 2015 19:23

Signing off for today. Hope you’ve enjoyed my first day as curator. Tomorrow am I’ll fly back to Stockholm to continue the journey there.✌️

@Sweden mars 2, 2015 14:09

Yes yes yes yes please! RT “@Enicede: Why don’t we pimp our kicks? That would be awesome. Next art project maybe?”