Klara Joelsson
was @Sweden (2014-09-29 to 2014-10-06)

Hi! I am Klara Joelsson. I am 20 years old… or young! I live with my boyfriend since about a year back.

I am different. I enjoy being me. I am a gamer. And that’s a lot about me already. Some of my friends call me Art, it’s my gaming nickname, call me what you wish. I game with my friends or alone several days a week. Apart from gaming I love politics, dogs, teaching, feminism, my boyfriend, blogging, piercings, life and a whole lot more. I teach twice a week and I am studying towards becoming a teacher at Uppsala university. I love learning and am thankful for the things I learn each day.

This week I will be the curator of Sweden. I will focus on telling you as accurately as possible about me and my life, sharing a tiny bit of Sweden with you from Sweden’s fifth biggest town.

If you want to follow me after this week I will be riiiight here:

@Sweden september 30, 2014 15:46

I have to say it’s weird we’re against change, fundamentally, isn’t that evolution? Isn’t change what got us here? Change… is life!

@Sweden september 30, 2014 15:23

I also met a guy I used to know. He sold Situation Stockholm (magazine homeless people sell to make money). Wonder what happened to him…

@Sweden september 30, 2014 07:36

When I eat milk with cereal I eat the cereal so I can leave some milk to ”eat” with a spoon because it tastes better… yeah, I know…

@Sweden september 29, 2014 21:08

Multitasking dogwalk with break. In my lap now. Sis’s getting him back tomorrow ;__;Getting attached to him! … and he’s being sold soon :(

@Sweden september 29, 2014 17:58

Came in from a doggie walkie with my mum. Can’t answer so many tweets</3 soon food, grocery shopping and League of Legends practise

@Sweden september 29, 2014 16:27

When people say ”she asked for it” etc I just think: ”You were mugged? What were you wearing? A suit?! Jesus… it’s like you asked for it!”

@Sweden september 29, 2014 16:08

I can watch happy people on YpuTube forever. AprilJustinTV… Bubzvlogz. They’re so happy about the little things in life ^__^<3

@Sweden september 29, 2014 12:19

Got a question about piercings. I have one. In my lip. Since February. Thinking about getting an industrial next. Wanted one since 12 YO

@Sweden september 29, 2014 09:24

Morning guys! I’m the new Swede this week. I love games, discussions, dogs and loads more. I’ll hope to have a great week with you!