Adam Arnesson
was @Sweden (2012-01-02 to 2012-01-08)

Here you have such a rare thing as an organic sheep-farmer born in the 90’s as well as a frequent user of social medias. Now and for the next 2,5 years I’m studying at SLU Alnarp (Swedish university of agricultural sciences). I’m born and raised on a small farm just outside Örebro, in the middle of Sweden. But don’t let that fool you, I’m also 195 cm tall, can hold my own in a tequila race and so far kept my grades on an a-level. My passions in life are, except the obvious being raising happy sheep, music (I’m a resident DJ at Alnarp), a good bottle of wine (red or sparkling, it’s all good) and the interaction made possible by social media. I’m not scared of anything, and I’m always up for an adventure. Even if it means getting dressed up in a tiny sparkling shirt or mastering the Stockholm metro system for the first time. The iPhone is my best friend but I thrive on meeting the people I talk to on Twitter in real life. My primary objective in life is to take over my parents’ farm and run an organic farm, with the animals’ health and natural behavior in focus. My personal account is @Ekobonden.

@Sweden januari 8, 2012 14:58

I’ve got twitter-married, made new friends and had great discussions. I hope you’ll continue to follow this project also.

@Sweden januari 8, 2012 13:39

I haven’t named any lambs after you yet. But next month when I get new lambs, there will be a Lis-lamb (@teamawesomedjs)

@Sweden januari 5, 2012 20:02

I don’t know much about the muppet show really. I’m born in the 90′s, but Sweden probably love the Swedish chef.

@Sweden januari 5, 2012 16:38

My opinion is that we should value meat more. And eat meat from animals that have lived a good life and been bred extensive.

@Sweden januari 5, 2012 16:33

I’d like to hear your opinions of meat, the amount of meat we eat and which type of meat we should eat (or if we shouldn’t eat meat).

@Sweden januari 4, 2012 21:28

A panel of experts were sitting in a row and talked about their relations to Lovecraft. Sometimes a lady stepped up and read ”zombie poetry”

@Sweden januari 4, 2012 21:27

When I was in Stockholm this winter my friends brought me to a sci-fi bookstore in ”gamla stan” (old parts of Sthlm).

@Sweden januari 4, 2012 21:27

You know, I do other things than farming and listen to music. I’m gonna tell you about one of my strangest experiences now.

@Sweden januari 4, 2012 13:43

What is also great about Sweden: politicians/decision makers are easily accessible, I’ve even made friends with some of them on Twitter.

@Sweden januari 4, 2012 11:20

I guess I will change my opinion if wolves attack my sheep, but until my fences keep them away I have no reason to dislike them.

@Sweden januari 4, 2012 11:01

It’s like a gap between city and countryside. Lots of people hate wolves, this is probably a hate that has been passed down for generations.

@Sweden januari 4, 2012 10:54

Reading that a woman has been killed by wolves in Alaska. This will surely come to notice to those who hate wolves here in Sweden.

@Sweden januari 3, 2012 12:18

And this is why I try to sell directly to consumers, telling them about my organic sheep which live a good, natural life.

@Sweden januari 3, 2012 12:17

But I shouldn’t complain about the cost of food. I partly blame us farmers for not marketing our beautiful products.

@Sweden januari 3, 2012 11:21

Update on the Swedish butter crisis. It’s getting better here in Sweden, but Norway still got big problems with empty shelves in the stores.

@Sweden januari 3, 2012 11:07

In Sweden we have this discussion about cows farting methane and therefore being a bigger threat to the climate than airplanes and such.

@Sweden januari 2, 2012 20:14

The people I call my best friends and the people I care about most (except family), I’ve got to know through twitter.

@Sweden januari 2, 2012 20:09

A year ago, before I became a twitterer, I was this shy farmer-boy with no social competence. Probably because all my friends were the same.

@Sweden januari 2, 2012 15:47

Now it’s time for pedicure/manicure. The sheep don’t appreciate it while it’s done, but they are very satisfied when it’s done.

@Sweden januari 2, 2012 14:14

It’s sad though that everybody in Sweden doesn’t appreciate this, buying the cheapest meat they can find, despite how the animal lived.

@Sweden januari 2, 2012 13:29

My point: if I like someone of you a little bit extra, you might get a lamb named after you. With continuous updates about the lamb.

@Sweden januari 2, 2012 12:26

”I’m an organic farmer” means that the farm is organic, not that I am organic. That would be a very strange description of a person.

@Sweden januari 2, 2012 11:44

The most important things to me, about being a farmer, is that the animals gets to live a good life with the possibility to outlive –>

@Sweden januari 2, 2012 11:37

So, the farm is about 200 acres big, we have 100 ”mother sheep” (is there a special word in English?) and 300 lambs.