Anders Dalenius
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Anders Dalenius is 41 yrs. old, works and owns the advertising agency “Goodmorning Sunshine” in the heart of Stockholm but lives with his family in the countryside. To mix the life as an inner city business communication consultant with the task of having a small farm is not always easy, but very rewarding. There are few places in the world where you really can have the mix of both city life and the calm of the countryside in the same day. Other mentionable things about me are that I don’t really care about sports, but love my 4 dogs and hunting. My own twitter account is @andersdalenius.

@Sweden januari 1, 2012 16:34

Ps. Remember this: When life is shit, it will pass. And when life is great, it will also pass. Accept this and you will enjoy life. <3

@Sweden januari 1, 2012 11:35

Hi all. Hope you hade a good newyerseve. Mine was great. And for the sixt year in a row, I start the new year by nor beeing hung-over. Nice.

@Sweden januari 1, 2012 00:59

För övrigt är den enda musik man kan lyssna på på tolvslaget The Jams ”down in the tubestation at midnight”. :)

@Sweden december 31, 2011 18:20

Ok hipsters: Everyone is different, even in Sweden. You might think Im boring, but this is my life and I like it and share it. End of story.

@Sweden december 31, 2011 10:12

Morning tweeps. So, what you’re up to this the last day of 2011, before the party starts tonight? I will clean the chickenhouse. So fab…

@Sweden december 31, 2011 01:05

Its a bit hard to get a good flow in the tweets when you miss your ordinary stream. Hard to find relevant/fun topics. Have patience, please.

@Sweden december 31, 2011 00:49

If I didnt have my life, or was growing corn, I’d like to live in a trailer in the dessert. Thats my ”plan-b” if all other fail.

@Sweden december 31, 2011 00:05

…A Beagle-Harrier. A Rottweiler. A Alpenländische Dachsbracke. And at least one more Eastsiberian Laika. To much dogs, to little time!

@Sweden december 30, 2011 23:57

I can’t buy another dog beccuase then Yvonne leavs me. Would love to have a daschhund though. And a Bassett. And a Chilo Sheppard.

@Sweden december 30, 2011 21:18

Ok. Kids are back with their other parents, we got ”The Wire”-box for christmas and there’s loads of chirstmas chocolate left. Let’s party!

@Sweden december 30, 2011 00:28

You know a film that was badly underrated? ”Water World”. I loved that film! They said that Ingmar Bergman did so as well. True gossip.

@Sweden december 30, 2011 00:23

So, be prepard for tears tomorrow even if I will do my best to keep them back. Mila gets so sad when I cry, and its not her job to carry me.

@Sweden december 30, 2011 00:19

You should think that I got used to it after allmost 10 years of living in different countries and lots of traveling, but you never do.

@Sweden december 30, 2011 00:13

Ok. Transformers 3 wasn’t so good as I first thought. It was edited like a comedy. I liked when it was dead serious. Then it was funny.

@Sweden december 29, 2011 17:43

”Why corn?”, you ask. Well, cornfields are beautiful, it taste good and tou can feed the wild boars with what you dont use in the winter.

@Sweden december 29, 2011 17:40

Would love to grow corn. Can’t live on it though (the field is too small nad corn prize too low) so I have to stay in advertising.

@Sweden december 29, 2011 17:35

Dont have any horses on our own, so we used to lend it out to a neighbor and let her have her horses there. But now she sold them.

@Sweden december 29, 2011 17:33

Ah, forgott to share my farming plans with you. We have a small stable and a hage (?) but we dont keep any horses there any more.

@Sweden december 29, 2011 00:39

Even not to do something is to do something, beccause today even the lack of actions will have reactions. No more hiding in inactivity.

@Sweden december 29, 2011 00:33

And why can’t I enjoy chess? I love to be some one that likes to play chess, but sadly Im not. Pinball is still fun, though.

@Sweden december 29, 2011 00:27

Its kind of sad that I don’t care about computer games anymore. Feels like I got older and ”mature” in a way I don’t like and didn’t choose.

@Sweden december 28, 2011 23:22

The week’s running out. You got hunting and hockey, so tomorrow we’ll look in to some farming. Horses, chickens and stuff. How about that?

@Sweden december 28, 2011 14:20

I think it was a Danish that said: ”You don’t hunt to kill. You kill beccause you hunt.” Big difference. (maybe my translation sucks though)

@Sweden december 27, 2011 22:59

Well, time to sleep. The wild boars will probably party all night and then we get em tomorrow. Over and Out from Grödinge. God natt, tweeps.

@Sweden december 27, 2011 17:26

I don’t say ”snus” is good for you, but if you’re allreday a nicotinuser its less leathal. But hey, you’re still gonna die.

@Sweden december 27, 2011 17:21

Its powerfull stuff. I gave it to my chainsmoking french ex-wife, and she stoped smoking immediately! But you can only bye it here :(

@Sweden december 26, 2011 23:07

I didn’t like old people haning in my places when I was 21, so Im not gonna be one of those now when Im old. No big risk, though.

@Sweden december 26, 2011 23:06

No, Im not a bar hanging, club hopping kind of guy. Not any more. Im 41 now. These things are for kids. They don’t want old people there.

@Sweden december 26, 2011 23:04

Another tip: My life got so much better when I stoped using the alarm clock. Instead, I go to bed real early and wake up in time anyway.

@Sweden december 26, 2011 23:01

Another great tip: My life got so muc better when I stop using the alarm clock. Instead, I go to bed real early and wake up in time anyway.

@Sweden december 26, 2011 22:59

And if you’re back to work tomorrow, remember this: When you’re in a lot of stress, the best thing you can do is to sit down for a minute.<3

@Sweden december 26, 2011 22:51

Damn folks, Im so tired. Can’t keep my eyes open. Dogs are allready sleeping so now Ill join them. Thx for today. Take care god natt.

@Sweden december 26, 2011 20:28

Maybe watch some tv with the others? They are my daughter who is half frensh and my wife who s half mexican. A typical swedish family.)