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After finishing high school with questionable grades, I discovered that nobody cared about them anyway. Since then I have been an editor for Lista.se, managed a book club and been a self-employed writer, marketer and lecturer on social media and web culture. Ever since I discovered that nobody takes the latter subject seriously in Sweden, I’ve done my best to bring it to light. The result so far is that nobody takes me seriously, which is okay I guess, since my eyebrows are too funny anyway. I also dole out daily wisdoms on Twitter, write for the Swedish news blog Ajour and market with Bloggbyrån. But being 22 and having no education—what the hell, I might as well have ended up cleaning sewers. I normally tweet as @kwasweb.

@Sweden december 18, 2011 21:58

I want to end this beautiful week with reveal Swedens most well-kept secret, a dark, terrible fact of awe that weve been protecting for ages

@Sweden december 18, 2011 21:55

I’ve had a blast the last week, an I hope you haven’t become totally tired of my old man fart jokes. You guys are the best!

@Sweden december 18, 2011 20:39

So, one hour and twenty minutes left on my time as the international twitter spokesman for Sweden. What should I do, you guys?

@Sweden december 18, 2011 13:53

Wasting a day on pizza and BF3 is like masturbating: feels great while you’re at it, but later you’re like ”what am I doing with my life?”

@Sweden december 17, 2011 03:57

Well, that’s that for this hectic day. It’s 3 am in Sweden now, and I’m signing off. Thank you all for an awesome night – seeya tomorrow!

@Sweden december 17, 2011 00:53

Never understood the concept of clubs. You’re sweaty among people you don’t like, and that’s it. It’s like the concentration camps of fun.

@Sweden december 17, 2011 00:16

People think I’m a huge loser cause I’m standing lonely staring in my phone on a bar. But I don’t care. That’s how much I love you guys!

@Sweden december 16, 2011 22:55

So, things are starting to cool down now. So what do you say, should I like go out and have a beer and report to you about what happens?

@Sweden december 16, 2011 21:52

Im boycotting smileys, since they are to your language what drugs can be to your life: fun first, but all of a sudden you’re just disgusting

@Sweden december 16, 2011 19:25

Oh yeah, meant to tell you this earlier but forgot: if you ever come to Stockholm, do not – I repeat, do not – visit that worthless Ice Bar.

@Sweden december 16, 2011 18:36

I guess that TheNextWeb piece did get me a little extra attention, huh? Well, here I am, all swedish and authentic and stuff. Questions?

@Sweden december 16, 2011 14:33

According to their latest census, 0,3% of Pragues population identify themselves as Jedis. Wonder if ”the force” in this case is vodka.

@Sweden december 16, 2011 02:52

Right now, Swedens biggest underground web forum Flashback is collecting money for charity. It’s indeed very beautiful and christmasy.

@Sweden december 14, 2011 17:56

If your companys’ phone service line greets me with ”many are calling us right now, try later” and then hangs up on me – fuck you.

@Sweden december 14, 2011 17:18

In a marketing campaign, homeless Stockholmers are now equipped with phones and asked to use Twitter to tell about their everyday life.

@Sweden december 14, 2011 13:07

Went jogging today. 1,7 km. My chest hurts, my mouth feels as if I’ve used a piece of iron as chewing gum. Might need to do this more often.

@Sweden december 13, 2011 16:05

Interesting when you forget to put a Google Hangout on ”private”, and random dudes starts to drop into your secret meeting.

@Sweden december 13, 2011 14:14

Sad that grandparents last years often take place when you’re a teenager and thus to stupid to realize the treasures of knowledge they hold.

@Sweden december 13, 2011 13:32

I take joy in the fact that she was bright as a diamond, all the way up to her last hours. She was a truly amazing person, loved by many.

@Sweden december 11, 2011 23:16

Prices of thousands of kronor (=hundreds of euros) per kg is reported. For butter. Seriously, WWII called and wants their black markets back

@Sweden december 11, 2011 23:14

So, the mayor news story right now: the lack of butter in Norway. A black market has spawned, and butter is imported and selled ilegally.

@Sweden december 11, 2011 15:52

Amazing interview with the social democrats party leader i todays Dagens Nyheter. It’s very hard not to like him, after all.

@Sweden december 10, 2011 23:07

Visiting a hotel that’s so fancy I’d propably have to sell at least four vital organs to afford a beer. And that wouldnt even be a good one.

@Sweden december 10, 2011 20:20

When you’re trying to find a place to eat, and the diversity of opinions in your company is so big you’re googling ”food”…

@Sweden december 10, 2011 18:09

One hurt during demonstrations in Stockholm today. Her foot got run over by a police car by mistake. Sweden, country of the savages.

@Sweden december 10, 2011 14:09

You’re following me because you’re interested in Sweden, right? Wrong! You’re interested in what I do! Thats what you’re interested in now.