Thank you, Curators of Sweden!

After nearly seven years and nearly 200,000 tweets, the Curators of Sweden project came to an end in 2018. Every week, a new person was @sweden on Twitter. For seven days, each curator tweeted about life in Sweden, love or work, sharing opinions and ideas along the way. Then, someone else did the same – but differently. Now, the last tweet has been posted. Thank you, curators – this project owes everything to you!

When Curators of Sweden was launched in December 2011, @sweden – Sweden’s official Twitter account – was handed over to the people. The aim of the project was to increase awareness of and interest in Sweden, but also to manifest in practice the values of democracy and openness that Sweden stands for.

Curators of Sweden became one of Sweden’s most awarded communications activities and it was praised all over the world for its openness and the courage to hand over the control of an official account in this way.

From 2011 to 2018, 356 curators tweeted on @sweden and the number of followers increased by 1,700 per cent, from 8,000 to almost 150,000.

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